Featured In Tucson Lifestyle!

I have been featured in Tucson Lifestyle Magazine in an article called “Stuck on Cactus’. I’m very proud of the work and of my self.

“It was then that her trusted handyman Brian Hurd, of Bear Canyon Services, pitched the idea of creating an all-trichocereus garden. Janet went for it. She knew the plant stalks came in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and that hybridizers had created dozens of different flowers, including multi-colored, multi-petaled, and some the size of saucers.

“Brian has his passions,” she laughs. “He has a trichocereus collection himself and knows other growers. We got a lot of plants from expert hybridizer Mark Dimmitt, and from Carol Scannell at Tanque Verde Greenhouses. Our idea was to create mounds throughout the yard and to display the trichs on these. ” – Judith Ratliff  (Tucson Lifestyle)

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